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The Music Center at Strathmore

Say hello to the other side of Strathmore! You can check out part one over here.

If you ever wanted to know what it might be like to seat 1,000 people around a building without a thousand person dining room, here’s your chance! The solution: tents, tents, tents! Also, tiny desserts.

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The Mansion at Strathmore

This summer, I’ve been interning at Strathmore in the rentals department (think: weddings!). I’ve been lucky enough to get to photograph some updated photos of our Mansion, complete with some table set-up examples! Obviously I’m partial to the table with the Mason Jar cups..

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Kaplan & Groll Buildings

And now, for something completely different: my now repeatrepeat clients are part of a family business that leases industrial buildings around the Philadelphia area and needed some photos of their properties.

This has been by far the most unique project I’ve had so far – these properties are massive! And used to hold things like pet food factories and ice cream cone manufacturing plants. Ice cream cones! Got your attention yet?

If you’re interested in the properties (now that you’re not all poor college students, right), check them out here.

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